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What is it

Docpress generates websites from your project’s basic documentation; that is, at the very least, a file. It also supports multiple Markdown pages in docs/.

Under heavy development now; guides and instructions will magically appear here when we’re stable.


Check out the Docpress Showcase to see how Docpress helped developers build great-looking websites.


Still under heavy development, consider this a preview. Requires Node v8+. See the Getting Started guide for more details.

$ npm install -g docpress
$ echo "# My project" >
$ echo "Documented by Markdown files." >>
$ docpress serve

  starting development - ^C to exit

  350ms ✓   first build                 
      on    watching changes
      on    livereload
      on    http://localhost:3000



Let’s build our first Docpress site. Quickstart guide →

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