Hacking Docpress

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Want to contribute code to Docpress? Here’s how to set up a local development environment.

Dev environment

Set up a folder

Since docpress is made up of a few repositories, it’d be nice to keep them all in one location.

mkdir ~/Projects/docpress
cd ~/Projects/docpress

Clone the repos

git clone http://github.com/docpress/docpress.git
git clone http://github.com/docpress/docpress-base.git
git clone http://github.com/docpress/docpress-core.git

Use npm link so you can use them as local development copies.

(cd docpress && npm link)
(cd docpress-base && npm link)
(cd docpress-core && npm link)

Use the linked development copies.

(cd docpress && npm i && npm link docpress-base && npm link docpress-core)
(cd docpress-base && npm i && npm link npm link docpress-core)